2. About national travel support

About national travel support

About the use of the new Oita trip discount second "national travel support"

  • From the accommodation on Tuesday, January 10, the "New Oita Travel Discount 2nd" will be postponed.
    When using the "New Oita Travel Discount Vol. 2", please be sure to check the contents of this page and the business official website, and make a reservation after agreeing.

◆System contents

  • 1. Equivalent to 20% of the accommodation fee (up to 3,000 yen per person per night) will be discounted.
     ※Cancellation charges are calculated based on the accommodation price before discount.

    2. We will distribute "Enjoy Coupons" that can be used at member stores in Oita Prefecture.
    Weekdays:Up to 2,000 yen worth Holidays:Up to 1,000 yen worth(All per person per night)
     ※Satisfaction coupons are distributed within the range that does not exceed the actual payment amount after applying the discount.

    【Handling of weekdays and holidays when distributing enjoyment coupons】
    If the accommodation date and the following day are both holidays (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), the accommodation will be treated as a "holiday", and other days will be treated as a "weekday".

◆Target period

  • Accommodation from January 10, 2023 (Tuesday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday)
    ※Until April 1 (Saturday) checkout

◆Conditions of use

  • 1. Customers residing in Japan
    2. Customers who can present the following certificates at check-in
     ·ID that can confirm your current address
     ·Vaccine/test package(Please check the following items)

◆How to apply(Phone or official website reservation)

  • 【Telephone reservation】
    Please tell us that you are using "New Oita Travel Discount 2nd" when making a reservation.

    【Official website reservation】
    When making a reservation on the official website, please indicate that you would like to use the system in the remarks column.

    Regardless of whether you are making an existing reservation or a new reservation, if you do not apply for the discount, you will not be eligible for the "New Oita Travel Discount 2nd".
    Due to the limited subsidy budget, discounts may not be applied even during the implementation period.
    Please understand.

    If you have already made a reservation, you can apply by phone only if you have made a reservation directly with the hotel (via the official website or by phone).
    Reservations from various travel reservation sites and travel agencies cannot be accepted at this facility for "New Oita Travel Discount 2nd".
    Please check with the reservation site or travel agency where you made your reservation.
  • 【About vaccines and test packages】
    In order to use the new Oita Travel Discount Vol. 2, presentation of either (A) or (B) below is required.

    (A) Vaccination completed, vaccination certificate, vaccination record, vaccination certificate issued by the local government
    It is a condition that the vaccine has been inoculated 3 times.

    (B) Negative PCR test certificate (within 3 days before the date of stay) or
    Negative certificate of antigen test (the day before or the day of the stay)
    The test results notification (negative certificate) does not include anything other than those that clearly state (1) the name of the subject, (2) test result, (3) test method, (4) laboratory name, (5) sample collection date, (6) test administrator's name, and (7) expiration date.

    If you cannot present the above certificate on the day, you will not be eligible for the discount and will pay the regular rate.(Enjoyment coupons cannot be distributed.)
    In addition, it is also necessary to show proof of identity or whether the certificate is yours.

    ※Certificates are required for all guests.
    Children under the age of 12 do not need to present a certificate if they are accompanied by a guardian such as a parent who lives with them after meeting the conditions of use.
    However, a valid negative certificate is required for priority measures such as spread prevention.

About each reservation site

  • When using the new Oita Travel Discount Vol. 2 on the online reservation site, please follow the terms of use and reservation procedures stipulated by each site.

    ※Since the terms of use differ depending on the site, please check the details on each reservation site.
    ※Content may be changed or terminated without notice.
  • This page is the information at the time of posting.
    For the latest information, please check the official business website of "New Oita Travel Discount 2nd".