2. Accommodation best rate guarantee

Accommodation best rate guarantee

Reservation of accommodation is the best deal from the official website

  • Seaside Hotel Mimatsu Oetei's accommodation is best value if you make a reservation from the official website.
    We guarantee that the price for accommodation reservations from the official website is the lowest price compared to the price for accommodation reservations with the same accommodation details and conditions sold on other reservation sites.

◆Best Rate Guarantee Conditions

  • To guarantee the best rate, the following conditions must be met at the time of booking.
  • ·Same accommodation plan
    ·same stay date(Arrival date/Departure date)
    ·Same number of guests
    ·Equivalent room type(View,hierarchy)
    ·Same stay time(Check-in/Check-out time)
    ·Same payment method
    ·Same cancellation conditions
    ·Identical services and benefits(Including amenities)
    ·Reservation on the website

◆Not covered by Best Rate Guarantee

  • Please understand that the following cases will be excluded from comparison.
  • ·Products targeted at specific membership organizations
    ·Corporate contracts, products for groups, products handled by travel agencies, etc.
    ·Products that fluctuate according to exchange rates
    ·Rates that consider points and coupons unique to other internet reservation sites as discounts
    ·Rates that the hotel cannot participate in, such as those sold by other companies' Internet reservation sites or travel agencies
    ·Some package products that include incidental charges such as facility use other than accommodation

Please contact us in such a case

  • If, within 24 hours of booking a room on the official website, you find a lower advertised rate (limited to available rates) on another company's website, please call 0977-23-4301.
    ※The rates on the Seaside Hotel Mimatsu official website and websites operated by other companies fluctuate daily depending on room availability.