2. Cuisine


Hospitality with rich local ingredients

As we are satisfied with our customers, we are offering creative cuisine cuisine for dinner to examine the local ingredients and make good use of the materials. 

I enjoy breakfast, cooked cooking wholeheartedly.

Seaside Hotel Mimatsu Oetei Oetei will be a memorable one.
  • 【Dinner】

    【Bungo Beef steak】
    200 grams of soft juicy Kuroge Wagyu beef Bungo Beef! Lots of, thanks for your time! Recommended for meat lovers!

    【Mackerel caught in the Sekizaki area sashimi】
    Directly send "Mackerel caught in the Sekizaki area" famous for nationwide brand fish from the fishing port! I was surprised at the crisp crunch.
    We offer local gourmet plan to eat Bungo's live fish "Mackerel caught in the Sekizaki area" in sashimi as it is with a couple of people in two or three people.

    【Bungo Beef Ceramic Grill】
    A lot of tasty marbling meat ,, Kuroge Wagyu cattle "Bungo Beef" recommended! onsen prefecture Oita Please enjoy "local gourmet" of onsen prefecture Oita · Beppu.
    Please enjoy the popularity of creative multi-course meals for sashimi Oetei chief chef as Bungo Beef stone grilled steak."

    【Mackerel caught in the Sekizaki area sashimi+Bungo Beef】
    Oshina Prefecture You can enjoy the gourmet of Oita prefecture! Please Enjoy the Puripuri of Mackerel caught in the Sekizaki area and juicy Japanese beef Bungo Beef ≪≫

  • 【Breakfast】

    In order to give the vitality of a pleasant morning and a journey, we introduced fresh vegetables etc harvested in Oita prefecture abundantly.
  • Dinner example

    • Oetei Standard Kaiseki Cuisine(An example)

      Standard Kaiseki cuisine

      Appetizer (3 kinds of small bowls), sushi (seasonal fish platter), hot pot (pot using Hanasaki crab soup stock), spare bowl (tea soba), grilled food (Oita Japanese beef), oil (large shrimp tempura) Kaiseki cuisine such as ra), rice (grilled sushi), and sweetness (seasonal).※Cooking contents are subject to change
      Period available:
      All seasons
  • Cooking example

■Dinner···It is restaurant or banquet hall / meal venue.(The meal starting time is from 17:30 to 19:00.)
※You can not choose a meal place.Please note.

■Breakfast···It is a restaurant or meal venue.(Serving from 7: 00 to 9: 00.)
·In the breakfast venue you can drink morning coffee for free.