2. Q&A


  • Access to Beppu : JR, Airplane, Ship, Bus

    【JR Beppu Station】
    Tokyo(Kokura Transit)5 hours 40 minutes, Shin-Osaka(Kokura Transit)3 hours 10 minutes, Kokura(Nippo Main-Line)1 hour 10 mContinue reading
  • ★Sightseeing tour traffic information from Oetei

    ◆Oetei from Oetei to sightseeing spots in Beppu◆
     ·Utamatsugo & Monkey's Mt Takasaki... 20 minutes by car
    ·Jigoku-meguri Tour···Jigoku-megurContinue reading
  • ☆Children fee and meal · Kids' meal.

    ☆Junior high school students and above are adult rates.

    ☆Elementary school upper grades are 70% of adult fare.
     ·The meal is the same as thContinue reading
  • We prepare the size of yukata for children for large, medium and small.

    Yukata for children is available at this facility. The size of the yukata is three, large, medium, small depending on the length of the lengContinue reading
  • There is no shuttle bus, but we arrange.

    There is no pick-up.We arrange bus and taxi arrangements, if you have any request.

    ※Seaside Hotel Mimatsu Oetei is a 13-minute walk from BeContinue reading
  • Beppu Tower"Beppu Tower&7-Eleven" signal

    Access to Seaside Hotel Mimatsu Oetei
    Beppu Tower along National Route 10&■SEVEN-ELEVEN■At the crossroads of the road, turn towards the coasContinue reading
  • There are steps, but you can use "wheelchair".

    It is possible to move by wheelchair in the facility.There is a staircase from the front desk until going to the lobby,
    Staff will be happy Continue reading
  • 【Room Fixtures】refrigerator·yukata·towel·Bath towels etc.

    ■The rooms are equipped with a small refrigerator.

    ·As there is nothing inside, please use it freely

    ·If there is something you want toContinue reading
  • Check in time is 15 o · check out time is ten o'clock.

    Check-in is from 15:00 and check-out is at 10:00.
    Customers using a plan with dinner are kindly asked to arrive until 18:00 on account of prContinue reading
  • Dinner menu will change for customers staying continuously.

    In the facility, we are changing from the second night's meal to the chief chef's automatic leave for customers staying continuously.
    DinneContinue reading
  • celebration! I will help you.

    Present for loved ones!

    There are various things!
    We will prepare!

    ◆For those who want a celebration "cake"
     Beppu will prepare a cake of Continue reading
  • There is also a day-long dinner (party) plan.

    You can also use for dinner only, without overnight stay.However, in case of more than 4 people or if you wish to have a banquet hall, you mContinue reading
  • Vending machines are the same as general prices! Customer is pleased!

    We have set up vending machines for juice · drink · beer (Asahi can beer) in 2F in this facility.
    Although it is set somewhat higher in theContinue reading
  • [Bihada-no-yu]Utility of hot springs! &Notes

    【Hot spring analysis of Oetei】
    Source name: Beppu Onsen, (stock)Seaside Hotel Mimatsu
    Hot Spring Qualities: Sodium bicarbonate·Chloride founContinue reading
  • You can not stop by.(Maintenance management)

    We are very sorry, we will not stop by for the reasons of hot springs and maintenance of the bath.
  • Only dinner can be accepted! Lunch is not allowed.

    We are sorry, but lunch preparation is not available.We will introduce nearby meal places to customers of continuous lodging, so please ask.
  • The hot spring facilities “Termas” and “Takegawara Onsen” are recommended!

    There is a hot spring facility called “Termas” about 8 minutes on foot from Oetei.
    The meaning of "Termas" is in Latin and it means "hot spContinue reading
  • Bungotakada"The Showa Town". It is popular!

    Now, Showa Town Bungotakada City is popular.

    A cityscape where the world of the movie "Sunset on Third Street street" is reproduced as it Continue reading

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